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With the amount of rental inventory on the market every community must be competitive. Planning an apartment renovation is a must for community managers for them to keep residents and future residents satisfied with where their money is going. Interior renovations keep units looking beautiful and modern no matter when the community was first built.

Renovation Solutions


FIDUS enhances community appeal with full and partial interior renovation services, ensuring properties stay competitive and appealing to current and prospective residents by modernizing units.

Customizable Upgrade Options


Offering a range of renovation services from full unit remodels to selective upgrades, FIDUS allows community managers to tailor improvements to meet budgetary and market demands, including options for drywall, paint, flooring, and more.

Interior Painting Expertise


Specializing in refreshing community interiors, FIDUS's painting services update leasing offices, amenities centers, and apartment homes, maintaining a modern, well-cared-for appearance essential for resident retention.

Full Unit Remodel

Our Full unit upgrade services give you the ability to continuously compete in all rental markets. To remain successful it is a good idea to consider a full unit remodel if your current property isnt matching the standard in the market. Below is a comprehensive list of unit remodel services Fidus offers.

We specialize in: Demo, Drywall Replacement/Repair, Paint, Flooring, Cabinets, Countertops, Backsplash, Tile Replacement, Tub or tile resurfacing & more.

For the community

Our Process

We take pride in our commercial painting services and want you to view FIDUS as a company you can trust. That’s why we always take the steps to make sure due diligence is done to get the job right. FIDUS works with you side by side to make sure the renovation process is smooth, timely, and a positive experience.

Partial Upgrades: Partial upgrades are any of the full unit remodel options but on a smaller scale. This service allows you to work with your budget and to choose the best upgrade options for your community.

Interior Painting: Making sure that the interior of your community is up to date and fresh-faced for leasing tours is a key part of resident retention. FIDUS offers numerous interior painting services to apartment communities to make your residents feel as if they are always living in a modern and well-cared-for space.

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