Community improvements to boost revenue and experience

As a property matures it can be challenging to identify new ways to improve the resident experience and increase revenue. This can be critical to stay in line with a growing and ever competing market. FIDUS can assist you with new or improved community amenities that can drive the property’s leasing potential.

Indoor Value Additions


Enhancing indoor spaces with modern amenities like business centers and workout facilities, FIDUS boosts living standards and expands the residents' sense of home.

Outdoor Lifestyle Enhancements


Developing outdoor amenities such as dog parks and kitchens, FIDUS creates vibrant community spaces for relaxation and social interaction, enriching resident lifestyles.

Market Competitiveness


By upgrading features and amenities, FIDUS ensures properties remain desirable, competitive, and in tune with current market demands, attracting and retaining residents.

Indoor amenities

Indoor capital improvements to rental properties add extra value and features to residents that can help meet their day to day needs. When you make these improvements you expand their feeling of home beyond their unit and through the whole property. FIDUS are experts in these following indoor amenities.

We specialize in: Business centers, Indoor common areas, Workout facilities, Leasing center remodel, Club house remodel, Game rooms & more.

For the community

How Community Improvements Different From Maintenance

Community improvements are full scale changes to a rental property that add more features, spaces, and amenities to it’s residents. These improvements help keep the property competitive with the current market and ensure your current and future residents are getting what they want from the property. FIDUS offers several solutions to help keep your property competitive and desired in today’s market.

Outdoor Amenities: Outdoor amenities add curb appeal and spaces for residents to relax and enjoy their community. These community improvements help residents feel as if they are part of their own neighborhood and see their home as more than just their unit. Here are a few examples of outdoor amenities that our team can do for you.

We specialize in: Dog parks, Outdoor kitchens, Pergolas, Private yards, Dog wash stations, Outdoor common areas & more!

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